Press Release of Intelligence Committee


Statement of Senator Feinstein on Decision by CIA Director Panetta to Ban Contractor Interrogations, Terminate Site Contract
Press Contact: 
Phil LaVelle or Gil Duran (Feinstein)

Created date

Thursday, April 09, 2009


“Director Panetta has announced very important policies and actions in how the CIA will carry out interrogations, and I support his decisions,” said Senator Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
“I have long fought to ban the use of contractors in interrogations and detention operations. So, I am very pleased that Mr. Panetta has announced that contractors will no longer conduct interrogations. I have introduced legislation this year and in the last Congress that would have banned such interrogations, and the CIA is now following this policy.
“The Director has also made a decision to terminate a contract to conduct security at the remaining CIA sites until they are decommissioned. I have been pushing to have the contract terminated and am very pleased with the Director’s decision. In addition to placing responsibility for detention and interrogation in the hands of government employees, where it belongs, Mr. Panetta has indicated that having the CIA carry out site security will save up to $4 million.
“The Executive Orders signed by President Obama on January 22 required that the CIA follow the Army Field Manual in conducting interrogations, ended the use of permanent facilities – commonly known as ‘black sites’ – for holding detainees, and required that the International Committee of the Red Cross be provided access to detainees. Mr. Panetta’s letter today reiterates the Executive Order’s ban on coercive interrogations and black sites. It also makes public that the CIA has not detained any individuals on a short-term basis since Mr. Panetta became the director in February.
“The policies in the Executive Orders and the CIA’s decisions to ban contractor interrogations and terminate contracts for detention operations are most welcome, and are necessary for the United States to fully comply with legal requirements and uphold the values we hold dear.”