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Rockefeller and Bond Announce Unanimous Committee Approval of McConnell to be the Next DNI
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Wendy Morigi (Rockefeller) 202-224-6101 -- Rob Ostrander (Bond) 202-224-7627

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


WASHINGTON, DC – Today Senators John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-WV), Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Christopher (Kit) Bond (R-MO), Vice Chairman, announced that the Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously approved the nomination of John Michael McConnell to be the next Director of National Intelligence.

“Admiral McConnell is the right person for the job,” said Rockefeller. “He knows how important intelligence is and he understands the threats facing our country. He is a serious intelligence expert, and I'm confident that he possesses the right amount of experience and dedication necessary to be an effective DNI. I think the country is fortunate that he is willing to take on this enormous responsibility."

Vice Chairman Bond said, “Admiral McConnell is an outstanding professional whose experience will be extremely valuable to our country. His testimony before the Intelligence Committee gave all of us great confidence in his understanding of the challenges ahead, his leadership ability and his willingness to work with the Committee in the future.”

Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee held an open hearing on the nomination of Vice Admiral McConnell to be the next DNI. The confirmation of McConnell is expected to come before the full Senate as soon as possible.