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Intelligence Committee Approves Dr. Donald Kerr to be Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
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Wendy Morigi (Rockefeller)
(202) 224-6101
Shana Marchio (Bond)
(202) 224-0309

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chairman Rockefeller and Vice Chairman Bond announced that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today approved the nomination of Dr. Donald Kerr to be the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence by a vote of 12 to 3.
Chairman Rockefeller made the following comments:
“The Committee acted today to fill the long vacant position of Principal Deputy DNI.  It has been 16 months since General Hayden left that job to become Director of the CIA and the position has languished unfilled too long.  Dr. Kerr brings a great deal of experience from across the Intelligence Community, particularly with technical collection programs.  While support for his nomination was not unanimous, I believe he will be a solid addition to Director McConnell’s team.”
Vice Chairman Bond added:
“The role of Principle Deputy DNI is critical to the management and oversight of our Intelligence Community, and the position has been vacant for far too long.   I am pleased that we are one step closer to getting the DNI the help he needs.”