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FEBRUARY 1, 2000
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Committee Vice Chairman Richard Bryan (D-NV), commented today on an article that appeared in the New York Times regarding former Director of Central Intelligence John M. Deutch and other former and current CIA officials.
Senator Shelby said, "the Committee was originally notified of the existence of the investigation in June 1998. The Committee decided to allow the Attorney General and the CIA's Inspector General to complete their inquiries before the Committee considered any action on the allegations involving Dr. Deutch. We received a copy of the CIA's Inspector General's report in late August 1999. Former Vice Chairman Kerrey and I wrote Director Tenet expressing our grave concerns with the findings and conclusions of the IG report. (See attached) We asked that the Committee be provided with a copy of the report of the panel established to determine the accountability of present and former employees of the CIA and Intelligence Community. That panel has yet to complete its work."
Senator Shelby added, "as soon as the Director delivers the panel's report, I will ask the Committee to thoroughly examine all the facts surrounding this very disturbing series of events. In the mean time, we will be hearing from CIA Inspector General Britt Snider early next week."
Senator Bryan said, "as the new Vice Chairman, I am very troubled by the Inspector General's report. This is an extremely serious matter. I intend to question Director Tenet closely about the facts of this case at the Committee's open hearing tomorrow."

October 27, 1999

The Honorable George J. Tenet
Director of Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Director:

We are writing on behalf of the Committee with respect to the Inspector General's Report, findings, and recommendations regarding Mr. Deutch. The Committee read the report with consternation.
We wish to make a number of important points. We urge you to make them known to every employee of the CIA as well as of the Intelligence Community, in whatever form you deem appropriate.
First, we wish to confirm the Committee's commitment to the proper handling of classified information. Unauthorized disclosure or other mishandling of such information constitutes a matter of gravest concern. Such information concerns the people's secrets. We all share a solemn obligation to treat the information with which we are entrusted correctly and in exact conformance to the law.
Second, we wish to assure every employee of the CIA and the Intelligence Community that the Select Committee on Intelligence will defend with all its authority and applaud with all its force any employee seeking to ensure respect for the rules governing the handling of classified information against whomever may be disregarding or violating th rules in this regard.
Finally, we take so seriously the issues addressed in the Inspector General's Report that we that you agree to the following:
(a) that you provide to the Committee a copy of the report of the panel established to determine the accountability of present and former employees of the CIA and the Intelligence Community with respect to the Deutch matter; and (
b) that you advise the Select Committee on Intelligence of any consideration of granting Mr. Deutch a security clearance prior to taking decision in this connection.
This episode represent a sad day for our Nation, one we hope not to see repeated.


Richard C. Shelby

J. Robert Kerrey
Vice Chairman

cc: Mr. Deutch
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